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divine feminine rituals

Feminine Rituals: Keeping Time with the Sacred

A known facet of all human societies, rituals are characterized by sacral symbolism, invariance, and performance.

We close our eyes and open our hearts to humble and surrender the Ego to something bigger than ourselves. We call upon the Unseen to become vessels of timeless wisdom and epic renewal. Rituals are shadowy yet enlightening, erotic yet innocent, brash but introspective and always, always vulnerable.

As I’m in my twenties, the days blend as I woke up, work in a corporate setting, and spend my evenings in front of a screen or immersed in rambunctious social outings.

Amid the hecticness, my time felt empty and devoid of purpose.

So how does the modern woman mark her time with abundance and substance?

Under the hypercritical, domineering eye of capitalist, patriarchal system, women find their feminine essence faltering under this oppression of the constant need to be productive. To counter this, I embraced the rituals of my female ancestors.

Through freeing my time and committing to celebrating every day like a special occasion, each day now holds the weight of memories and experiences that make a life full.

The art of keeping time with the Sacred is a delicate balance as the demands of the modern life are ever-pressing. Below are some rituals that have led me closer to the Divine Feminine.

 Rituals to Honor the Earth:

Dance in the rain

 In the spring and summer months, I take off my shoes and venture outside to greet the first rains of the season. It is a chance to be mindful and present while rejoicing with the Earth in a shower of the most essential element. The ritual of dancing in the first rains of the warm seasons allows you to lower your inhibitions and celebrate what is here and now.

Plant a garden or collect plants

Inherited from my African herbalist lineage, having plants around is a testament to how conducive your environment is to growing and sustaining life. Maintaining a ritual of caring for your own plants encourages motherly energy; making you a conduit of Divine Creator energy.

Commune outdoors

Whether you partake in lunch outside, host seasonal gatherings with the freshest produce of the season, stand barefoot on a grassy knoll, or hallmark the change of the seasons to connect with Mother Earth’s surface electrons through grounding and forest bathing. These rituals help to reduce stress and connect to the Earth’s natural rhythms.

Rituals to Honor Renewal:

Listen to your menstrual cycle

 Since ancient times, our wombs have linked with the Eastern Lunar calendars for cycles of growth and release, giving each woman her respective title of Red Moon, White Moon, or even a Pink Moon Woman. In the passage of time, many women have fallen out of sync with this time-keeping pattern through stress, PCOS, and birth control.

Give your body what it needs when on your cycle comes around such as whole, fresh foods rich in magnesium and iron, warm baths, and plenty of gentle stretches. Lead yourself in solitary reflective sessions; releasing things and circumstances that no longer serve you and your current circumstances.

Rituals to Honor Rest:

Reflect and Reconnect

Choose one day a week to completely abstain from productivity. This is your encouragement to prioritize self-care, read, to journal, to paint, to create without the need of monetary gain.

Another way to honor rest is to share your free time by volunteering and showing compassion to others. Call old friends and family to reconnect to old parts of yourself and relive loving memories. Most importantly, fill your time with mindful activity that feeds the soul-may I be so bold to suggest powering off all electronics?

Rituals to Honor Your Senses:

Awaken your Senses

To be a multi-sensorial being is to open yourself up to an infinite number of possibilities. The abilities to hear, see, smell, taste, and touch are blessings of a robust life.

Sarah Ban Breathnach once said, “Women were created to experience, interpret, revel in, and unravel the mysteries of Life through their senses. Our senses speak the secret language of the soul – longing…every woman understands the dialect of desire.”

Recall moments of exhilaration, transcendence, clarity, and yearning – what were you feeling?

Appreciate your senses by drawing a warm bath and lighting candles as a main source of light. Make a playlist with purely instrumentals to allow yourself to form your own thoughts and moods to the music. Cook whole and savory foods that nourish you from the inside out.         

Learn to dance and move your body. Where there is no dancing, there is stagnant energy and repression. Express yourself through movement, be open and let the Divine lead you.

Rituals are intrinsically human: the art of turning habit into pleasure.

A form of mindful alchemy for the mind, body, and spirit.

What rituals do you indulge in?  

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