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Living Your Most Sensual Year

Women were created to interpret, revel in, pamper themselves, and unravel the mysteries of Life and love through their senses.

It can be said that the language of the Sacred Feminine is that of longing and desire, of fervent emotions and only your senses speak it.

To be fully sentient beings, we must experience our surroundings with all desire – ready to experience the world whether it be horrific or whether of honor.

“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses; just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.” – Oscar Wilde

Ancient African traditions recognize the sacredness of sensuality and honored the senses of such spiritual messengers. Our senses are the only mediators between our natural bodies, emotions, thoughts, and the world around us. They show up as the “sixth sense”, a psychic or intuitive capacity of Divine perception and the revelation of spiritual truths; allowing us to romance the ordinary.

For instance, there is looking and seeing; hearing and listening; thinking and imagining. It’s this dual sense of perception that enables us to survive but more importantly, experience this life with numerous sensual joys.

At the beginning of each new year, we laden ourselves with personal concepts of perfection but never possibility. What pleasures have we unknowingly turned away because of our unrealistic expectations? I encourage you to engage this year with curiosity and instinct, to use smell, sight, taste, touch, sound, intuition, and endless wonder.


January, the month of two faces, where one face looks longingly at the past and the other, hopeful for the future. In the Roman custom, tradition dictated that on the first day of the New Year, one should exchange cheerful greetings and blessings as well as sugar-laden fruit and honey for well wishing.

How can we sensually set the tone in this time of transition for the rest of the year? One can start by establishing pleasurable rituals. Resist the urge to dive headfirst with early mornings, coffee guzzling routines and take the time to embrace slowness. Find new and multiple sources of happiness.


Chocolate, silk & lace, love affairs, and flirtation. February is the month for lessons in self-seduction. Love initiates us into the Divine mysteries and romance is the poetic flourishes and the grand embellishments. If love is the main event, acts of romance are the fireworks and the live orchestra. The parade of red, white, and pink and the flurry of cards and candy makes us think that we can’t live our romantic dreams out loud without a significant other.

If you’ve ever been in love before, you can always be in love again. Who better to woo you than yourself? And who is a better beloved than Life itself?

Use the evenings to indulge in love, pleasure, exploration, and sumptuous pampering. Love has no choice but to find those who make their lives the most romantic of adventures.

“It is the loving, not the loved, woman who feels lovable.” – Jessamyn West


Our in-between of the winter and spring months-when the Earth yearns to break forth in full bloom. Nature waits to nurture new organisms on this planet of ours. We also wait. For longer, warmer days of sunshine, to see the seedlings of winter to peek through in the garden, for the promise of something marvelous.

What are we nurturing this March? How are we clearing space for the birth of something new?

The art of cultivating sacred space is to create a space for meeting, learning, and empowerment. It’s about bringing your purpose into your living space and elevating it to your higher calling-devoid of the expectations of others. Creating such a space and layering it with daily rituals is the difference between mediocre and intentional days.

“When we walk through our front door, we should be able to leave the stresses and strains of the outside world. A home should provide us with a sanctuary for the soul, a haven for the senses.” – Jane Alexander


In April, we’re in the full swing of things. We have our rituals, pleasures, and sacred places. It is time for the magic, the days of endless wonder, the headiness of Spring Fever.

“Where there is a woman, there is magic.” – Ntozake Shange

What constitutes as a modern miracle these days? Magic happens when one encounters the Divine, it’s not forcing nature to do your will but being in harmony with the natural world. In your earth-bound body, you cannot manipulate or control the Universe-you were made to commune, cocreate, and match your own sacred power to nature’s rhythms.

You are the spell the Great Creator has cast. What magic will you unleash on the world?


It’s easy to discover the earth through the feats of Mother Nature, when the land is in riots of color and Life seems to be a seamless bloom. We’re open to the mere possibility of Divinity’s feminine nature.

Like the earth, the story of every woman, begins with her mother.

Susan Cheevers once wrote, “Chronologically, physically, and spiritually they [a mother and her baby] are just a few heartbeats away from being the same person.”

More often than not, women of color discount and dismiss their own feelings and then teach their daughters to do the same. From our mothers, we can learn how to create our own personal forms of everyday enchantment. Who were our mothers before they were wives, partners, and caretakers?


Can you imagine a month full of midsummer nights?

In the famous Shakespearean play, a mischievous pixie plays games on humankind, toying with appearance and reality. Love is the primary concern of the play where our arbitrary desires are fickle and real love is much, much more than physical attraction. If love is blind and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is seeing really believing?

It is the month of June, when pleasant sights salute the eyes. The inspirations for this month are the sights that are ever-changing. Nothing is ugly and perfection is found is in the hidden, the ephemeral, and the gloriously flawed.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold – an art form built on embracing flaws and creating a stronger and more beautiful piece of art.

To embrace imperfections is to be aware of Life and its fruitful abundance.

What was the last time you took a chance to celebrate a mistake?


Hot, sultry, sun-drenched eroticism.

July says that there is never too much of a good thing; especially when it comes to great food.

Taste is more of a social sense, making each morsel sweeter depending on the company. No matter the occasion, food will be close at hand to sanctify and bind it. Taste is an intimate sense and when joined with the rites of love, one has the ingredients for something truly sensuous.

Aphrodisiacs are the bridge between gluttony and lust. Any food that is natural, healthy, fresh, attractive, and tempting to the eyes could be an aphrodisiac. The wealth and abundance of summer fruit are morsels of earth-bound yet cosmic euphoria that the month blesses us with.

A platter of mangos, peaches, pink guavas, watermelon, passionfruit, dark chocolate, and candied ginger would resemble Eden and take the summer heat to new heights.


A month where the wild things truly are.

In the Sunday of summer, we roam to embrace our inner wild. We answer the siren’s call to be wanton, reckless, taking no prisoners, and surely not making any apologies. To be an independent, nomadic free spirit without a care in the world. The road is open for all that your imagination can hold.

Because in the August heat, we sincerely don’t give a damn.

“She listens to her own tales, laughs at her own jokes, and follows her own advice.” – Ama Ata Aidoo

In what ways will you tempt fate and push your physical and psychic limits?


Autumn is encroaching. The nights are taking back hours from the daylight-stealing away glimpses of sunlight. We give way to become acquainted with the night. If there was ever a time to give your senses a break, it would be in the month of September.

The power of a good night’s rest is priceless. On average, we will spend 26 years of our lives sleeping and seven years trying to get to sleep.

Did you know that the art of bed-making was taught to the very best of courtesans as a prelude to lovemaking? You start with the foundation, choosing either a pillowtop or memory foam topper for support. Then the sheets, in which higher quality is offered in cotton weaves, linen, or sateen blends. To top it off, quilts and duvets to keep you warm.

A woman’s bedroom is the most personal expression of the state of her mind and soul. As the centerpiece, your bed deserves the most attention.

Enjoy your sensuous haven of oblivion.


There’s nothing like the bewilderment of dressing up as someone new. We make room for mystery and invite the archetypal dark feminine into our day to day. In the shadows, all the is hidden is meant to be revealed including sensual bewitchery.

On such nights, set apart time to craft a highly feminine art form where your aura is magnetized, awakening yourself to a beauty almost too powerful to be real. In front of your favorite mirror, surround yourself with candles and admire all that you are and hope to be.

Ours is the power to access mythological feminine wiles and enchant every being we come across.


The hue of November leaves turning is something to be marveled. The pale sunrises turn into amber topaz sunsets. Yellow foliage blends into fiery bushels. Alchemists of old tried their hands at transforming base metals into gold; maybe their efforts are concentrated in this month.

With gratitude, what portions of your life can you spin into gold? How will we discover what part of our lives are gilded or gold-filled?


Here comes good tidings of comfort and joy, opulence and splendor, the ultimate hedonism. This time of year is typically full of anticipation and dread. Days of fulfilling everyone’s expectations while abandoning your own, thus making the holidays quite unpleasant.

If you have lived the year right, you have given to yourself abundantly. However, the marking of true abundance is to share with others. The day of tangible giving is only 24 hours but we have a whole month to give of our hearts.

Then, January will soon be here so we may do all over again.









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